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The Sanctuary Cross

by Corky Evans


This book is a compilation of 30 years of personal study into the subject of the Sanctuary and what it teaches us about God’s Great Plan of Redemption. As Corky said, “Sanctuary study is the best medicine for heart trouble.” From its color code to the sacrifices and priesthood, the earthly sanctuary revolves around Jesus Christ, as does every element of the Bible.

Sanctuary study will help build your house of faith by laying strong foundation blocks, one by one. It will challenge you to dig deeper in your study. And it will give you fascinating insights into our Saviour’s work as Sacrifice, Priest and King.

The first part of the book covers the tabernacle and its construction, the furniture and the work of the priests. The second part of the book shows the work of Aaron and the events in the life of Jesus that were the fulfillment of each action. The final portion of the book contains additional studies that are not directly related to the sanctuary and its services.

The book is well illustrated with graphics and charts to help bring the details home to the understanding. Paper, 8″ x 10″ format, 184 pages.

The Color Code
The Center of the Sanctuary Is the Cross
The Camp
Proof of a Heavenly Sanctuary
The Pattern
The Court and Its Curtains
Sanctuary Curtains and Boards
The First Veil
The Second Veil
Three Divisions
The Altar of Sacrifice
The Laver
The Altar of Incense
The Table of Shewbread
The Candlestick
The Ark and the Law
The Mercy Seat, Angels and Shekinah
The Sin Offering
Seven Places of Blood
Garments of the High Priest
Blue on the Garments, Blood on the Cross
The Common Priest’s Garments
The Priesthood
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The Sanctuary Work of Aaron and JesusSummary


A. Bible Translations
B. The Fallen Nature of Christ in the Sanctuary
C. Creation
D. What God Teaches Us Each Week by the Sabbath
E. The Sabbath Becomes a Test
F. Sabbath on the Way to Heaven
G. The Two Thrones
H. Emblems of Sun Worship
I. Who Is the Bride?
J. The Sanctuary — The Center of All Truth
K. The Effects of Sin on Satan
L. Summary of Biblical Teachings


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Also available on DVD: Corky Evans presents a series of 15 consecutive studies on the Sanctuary. (click here)

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