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March 19, 2004





            WALLA WALLA, WASHINGTON—Have you struggled to find meaning in your Bible study? Or lacked the enthusiasm to be faithful in your daily devotions? Or, perhaps like Merrill “Corky” Evans—the author of the new release, THE SANCTUARY CROSS—you can relate to his anguished query, “Why, God?” when the truths of the Great Plan of Redemption baffled him.

            Since a pivotal day in his Christian experience more than 30 years ago, Evans has studied and taught the importance of the Heavenly Sanctuary. Known widely for his years on the Seventh-day Adventist camp meeting circuit—often draped in the garb of a High Priest—the fruits of his labor have been gathered into this recently released, lavishly illustrated, full-color 184-page softbound volume.

            Evans, now retired, asserts that “Sanctuary study will help build your house of faith by laying strong foundation blocks, one by one. . .challenging you to be the Bible student you’ve wanted to be.”

            “The Sanctuary work has been my life, my joy,” says Evans. “It’s the light of my life to share this gospel truth. Nothing matches it.”

            THE SANCTUARY CROSS is for the serious Bible student seeking to “dine” on the meatier portions of Scripture—to understand why the ministration in the heavenly sanctuary IS the foundation of our faith.  Investigating the Sanctuary reconnects present-day believers with the genesis of our church—a movement ignited by the Three Angels Messages. And through the working of the Holy Spirit in leading one’s study, today’s Bible student can reach back into the heritage of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and recapture its founding enthusiasm—and discover anew that the “sanctuary above is as essential to the plan of salvation as was His death upon the cross.”—The Great Controversy, pg. 489.      

            THE SANCTUARY CROSS uses two sources—THE KING JAMES BIBLE and THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY—to weave a tapestry of the parallels between Aaron’s work as a high priest and Jesus’ work in the Sanctuary; to open the symbols, services and feasts of the earthly sanctuary to clear understanding. And, in turn, a richer understanding of the complete plan of salvation. Bible students will soon discover that THE SANCTUARY CROSS is written by a man—driven by the Holy Spirit to offer encouragement and inspiration—whose sole purpose is to glorify God and His gospel. Within its covers, Evans imparts how the Lord led him to a deeper, richer faith and a fuller understanding of the Great Plan of Redemption.

            Evans has the ability to systematically build one point upon another—translating hard-to-grasp truths into accessible, clear language that will resonate with Bible students.

            THE SANCTUARY CROSS is published by Foundation of Our Faith, Inc., a Walla Walla, Washington, non-profit corporation formed specifically to develop and distribute educational materials encouraging and promoting study of The Holy Bible and the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. All proceeds from the sale of this book are returned to the corporation for on-going distribution of faith-building materials.

            THE SANCTUARY CROSS is available now. For more information, contact

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